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September 2009 Carstensz Expedition Summiter Testimony :

My name is Davis Wang, coming from Taiwan.  I climbed Carstensz Pyramid with my friend, Chen Ko-Ming, from Sep-04 to Sep-14.  Ferdinand helped us for all the logistical arrangement and he is always very nice to answer any question we might have.  Patria trated us nicely when we stay in West Papua.  Meldy helped us to prepare our gears and let us understand the real climbing situation.  Especially, I want to thank Poxi for his contribution of this trip.  He is our guide, cooker and leader for this trip.  For the 4 days we stayed at the mountain, he worked hard to overcome all the difficulties.  This is a great trip, just great.     


Do you plan to complete your Seven Summit ??
If so, you could join one of Adventure Indonesia Expedition departure. We organize International Expedition group, it is also possible to arrange your Private Expedition.

There are two ways to approach Base Camp : by trekking from Sugapa village ( note: Adventure Indonesia has invested much money to open this route for the first time) or by helicopter. It needs about 22 days by trekking and only about 8 days if you fly by helicopter.

In June 2009, Adventure Indonesia supported by PT Freeport Indonesia held Base Camp Clean up. The event itself is a joined program held in celebrating the World Earth Day or environment day. 50 people of Freeport employee and Adventure Indonesia Team are together hand in hand cleaning the mountain area including Base Camp, Zebra Wall, New Zealand Pass & Yellow Valley.

Why Every Climbers To Carstensz Pyramid
should use ‘

tickADVENTURE INDONESIA has been in this field since 1998 and our team are experienced and know Papua very well. Our experience in manage the 'difficullt' local porters and deal with local people is undoubtable.

tickADVENTURE INDONESIA operation in Papua is LEGAL. We have completed Licensed Papua Branch.

tickCarstensz Pyramid Expedition is an INTENSIVE work that involve many people, we assign our BEST staffs and use all network that we have (and develop) to run it properly.

tickThis most difficult expedition to arrange in The World, need ultimate experience, best supporting staff, great effort, dedication and EXCELLENT LOCAL NETWORK in order to PROVIDE best success chance and summit rate.

tickDeparting Every month, all year round

erik weihenmayer
Thanks for an outstanding job organizing our Carstensz Pyramid trip. We really appreciate all your hard work and dedication to making our experience so memorable. We also loved the presents. My wife says thank you for the batik scarf and wrap. I will highly recommend ADVENTURE INDONESIA to all my fellow adventurers. Please stay in touch.

Thanks .
Erik Weihenmayer

"it was a crazy feeling to climb over snow and ice above the dense tropical jungle."


Located in Mimika Region, West Papua, Carstensz Pyramid  is part of Lorentz National Park and Sudirman Range.  The height of this moutanin is 4884 m (16023 feet , some sources claim 16013 feet). It is known as the highest mountain in Australia and Oceania  and  as one of the seven summits goal.

In the past, to approach the Base Camp, it was allowed to pass the mine with special permission. The Base Camp  is only side by side with Grassberg Open pit Freeport Inc. and from  the mine it only takes few hours walking to the mountain.  Presently, the access through mine is totally closed. So you need trekking through the jungle of Papua from Ilaga or Sugapa village (located at 2.300 m asl), which takes 5 – 6 days to reach the Base Camp or flight to Base Camp by helicopter. Starting from Nabire ( takes 1 hour 10 minutes flight to base camp), it is not an easy arrangement. We need best weather for the flight, really BLUE SKY. Usually we only have 02 hour window in a day for flight to BC!

Before the expedition, you'd better take Malaria prevention, because there are found Malaria case at a village up to 2,800 m asl due to Global warming.


When it is compared with Kosciuszko , which is has no challenge for climbers (it is actually a mere short trek with zero difficulty), Carstensz Pyramid is more technical.  Mountaineers rank this mountain as the true seventh summit because of its remoteness and challenging technical climbing.

You will experience a variety of interesting and challenging routes at varying grades when you climb this  large limestone mountain. The standard route up the West Ridge is a relatively straightforward but technical scramble, with the occasional steeper rock pitch at Severe (5.3-5.4) grading.

For an experienced climber, the technical challenge is not a problem. But, even an expert, you should not underestimate the trekking path during your expedition to base camp.
An expedition to the most exotic mountaineering location on earth is not just a climbing venture, but a journey back in time through tribal ancestries and an incredible rich and rewarding experience.

Along the trek, you will meet with the primitive indigenous Papua tribesmen wearing traditional penis gourds and wielding bows and arrows.  Some local people will be involved in the expedition as porters.  You need to get a local organizer which has legal permit and years of experience in this field, because it is not easy to manage the porters. Problem could be come from others local people which is not involved in the expedition, but  could make trouble and conflict during the trekking.  

This was few of Jordan Romero (16 years old) words before climbing the mountain,”Carstensz Pyramid would be by far the most technical mountain I would have ever climbed. It is also a very mentally challenging mountain to. It is not a mountain to make dumb choices on. Always make the right choices and you to can climb any mountain anywhere.” (In 2nd of September 2009, at 15.00 of East Indonesian Time Paul Lewis Romero, Karen Dee Lundgren, Jordan Alexander Romero made the summit of CP.)


larson lake carstensz Samantha Larson:

Carstensz was the last of the seven summits for me. I have now climbed all seven of the Seven Summits (eight including both Australia's Mt. Kosciuszko and CP) with my father, and at age 18, I am the youngest person to have climbed the Seven Summits! We had a very smooth and successful expedition! Thanks so much for providing great logistics to make it possible for us to climb CP.

Some people misspelled "carstensz pyramid" with : cartenz, cartensz, carstenz, karstens, karstenz, carstens or carstensz pyramide.


"But when I was climbing Carstensz Pyramid in Indonesia, that was like Indiana Jones or something. The whole time we were accompanied by 60 to 70 tribesmen from New Guinea. They were experienced escorts who knew the mountain. It was such a different experience from climbing Everest or Mount Elbrus in Russia. I think you’ll get that sense in my presentation.” Joby Ogwyn


Summiter Carstensz
SINCE 1998

Antonio Garcia
Albert Bosch
Alison Levine
Ana Czerwinska
Andries Botha
Angelo Sousa
Anna Lichota
Benyamin Mazin
Bernard Voyer
Cao Jun
Carsten Pedersen
Charles Mace
Chiang, Hsiu-Chen
Christina Robles
Constantin Lacatusu
Daniel Theuerkauf
Daren Lindgren
David Larson
Dean Staples
Denise Fetjek
Dirk Stephan
Erick Weihenmayer
Eun On So
Felix Eduardo Sanchez
Francisco Briongos
Francois Bernard
Francois Langlois
Gary Parker
Geoffrey Robb
George Atkinson
Giuseppe Pompili
Hans Florine
Harry Kikstra
Helme Suuk
Henrik Kristiansen
Hiroyuki Kuraoka
Hsieh Yin Shu
Ignacio Amando
Igor Prinzyuk
Inna Lai
Ishikawa Tomiyasu
Ivar Lai
J F Paulsen
Jaan Reimand
Jaime Viñals
Jamie Clarke
Jason Huang
Jeffrey Warden
Jin Fei Bao
Joby Ogwyn
Joe Wolfgruber
John Crellin
John Dodelande
Jonathan Atkinson
Jose Maria Alvarez
José Mijares
Junichi Shinozaki
Kees 't Hooft
Khalid Altayer
Khoo Swee Chiow
Krzysztof Gardyna
Leszek Cichy
Liang Kun
Lu Zhonglin
Magdalena Kowalska
Marck Gunlogson
Mario Trimeri
Mark Sedon
Martin Adams
Martin Isak
Mayk Schega
Meagan McGrath
Michal Rafal Kowalski
Mikel Alvarez
Namit Rawat
Nikhu Ram Choudhary
Nikki Hoffman
Nikolaus Mangitsis
Olof Eric Sundstorm
Patricio Crausaz
Paul Fetjek
Paul Niels
Pedro Ruiz
Philippe Gatta
Phillip Pearson
Ramesh Chandra-Triphathi
Ramon Diz
Rauno Pukonen
Rick Keller
Rishi Sagar
Rob Hart
Robert Creswell
Robert Gutrhie
Robert Hart
Robert Huygh
Robert Scull
Rupert Heider
Samantha Larson
Sharon Crawford
Soeren Smidt
Takenori Yoshida
Timothy Bird
Toivo Sarmet
Troy Aupperle
Victor Saunders
Vlado Haluska
Wang Shi
Wim Smets
Wu Yu Lung
Yi Sung In
Young Mi Kim
Zed Al Refai


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