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  • 1 sun hat (it must shade the eyes and nose)
  • 1 balaclava (wool, polypropylene)
  • 1 wool or fleece hat
  • 1 pair glacier glasses with side protection (and a spare)
  • 1 neck gaiter.


  • 1 expedition down parka with hood (-20 F)
  • 1 windproof outer jacket with hood (Gore-tex)
  • 1 poly/fleece jacket
  • 1 expedition weight polypropylene shirt
  • 2 lightweight, long sleeve polypropylene shirts
  • 2 heavy polypropylene long underwear (tops and bottoms)
  • 2 t-shirts for lower elevations
  • 1 pair wind/rain pants (with side zips)
  • 1 pair fleece pants (side zipper)
  • 1 long cotton pant for trekking (legs zip off to become shorts)
  • 1 nylon shorts


  • 2 pairs liner gloves (poly thin)
  • 1 pair medium weight fleece gloves
  • 1 pair goretex wind shells for mittens
  • 1 pair wool or fleece mittens
  • 1 pair overmitts.


  • 1 pair of trekking boots (Gore-tex) and 1 quality sport shoes
  • 1 pair of sandals
  • 1 pair insulated super-gaiters
  • 2-3 pair of wool socks and polypropylene socks
  • 3 pairs polypropylene, wool or similar socks.


  • 1 down or synthetic sleeping bag (-20C).


  • High quality back pack approx. 70-80 liters. Day pack for approach hike and summit day
  • 1 Large duffel bag (7000+cu.in) with lock to be carried to Base Camp.

Personal Climbing equipment & gears:
1 Carrier / Big Back Pack with bag cover, 80 Liter size or more (will be carried by Porter)
1 Day pack for your valuable thing and summit attack
1 Seat Harness
1 Climbing Helmet
1 Headlamp with Battery + RESERVE BATTERY
1 Goggles / Glasses (100% Anti UV)
1 Pairs of boots with VIBRAM Sole for summit
1 Pairs of boots for trekking (Rubber Boots will be best)
2 Pairs of Gloves (1 for base camp, 1 for summit attack)
3 Pairs of Socks (1 for Trekking, 1 for Base Camp, 1 for summit attack) - You can bring more for sure.
1 Pairs Jummers (Ascending Jummers - Left and Right Jummers)
4 Carabineer, delta screwgate
2 Carabineer, Oval (Big One) for crossing the line bridge
2 Descendeur (figure 8)
Several Coxtail / Cowtail, sling and Webbing
Raincoat, mountain gears and reasonable cloth.
Umbrella (We recommended to bring one, this is very effective for expedition)
Goggles / anti UV glasses
Sun Block Cream
Personal Medicine
Sleeping Bag & Mattress for your comfort
Your favorite snacks



  • Sun screen and lip protection (UV rating of 20 SPF or more).
  • Metal thermos bottle, 1000ml
  • Toiletry kit
  • Water bottle
  • Camera and film
  • Pocket knife (mid size)
  • Book and walkman to spend time in tent
  • Simple first aid kit. Pee bottle - 1 qt. capacity, wide mouth
  • Insect repellant coating for hike in clothes.
  • Passport
  • Cash
  • Copies of relevant documents (maps, directions, itinerary, etc... all in plastic bags).
  • Journal with pens
  • Casual clothes for walking around, going to dinner
  • Small Indonesia dictionary with travel phrases.



Summiter Carstensz
SINCE 1998

Antonio Garcia
Albert Bosch
Alison Levine
Ana Czerwinska
Andries Botha
Angelo Sousa
Anna Lichota
Benyamin Mazin
Bernard Voyer
Cao Jun
Carsten Pedersen
Charles Mace
Chiang, Hsiu-Chen
Christina Robles
Constantin Lacatusu
Daniel Theuerkauf
Daren Lindgren
David Larson
Dean Staples
Denise Fetjek
Dirk Stephen
Erick Weihenmayer
Eun On So
Felix Eduardo Sanchez
Francisco Briongos
Francois Bernard
Francois Langlois
Gary Parker
Geoffrey Robb
George Atkinson
Giuseppe Pompili
Hans Florine
Harry Kikstra
Helme Suuk
Henrik Kristiansen
Hiroyuki Kuraoka
Hsieh Yin Shu
Ignacio Amando
Igor Prinzyuk
Inna Lai
Ishikawa Tomiyasu
Ivar Lai
J F Paulsen
Jaan Reimand
Jaime Viñals
Jamie Clarke
Jason Huang
Jeffrey Warden
Jin Fei Bao
Joby Ogwyn
Joe Wolfgruber
John Crellin
John Dodelande
Jonathan Atkinson
Jose Maria Alvarez
José Mijares
Junichi Shinozaki
Kees 't Hooft
Khalid Altayer
Khoo Swee Chiow
Krzysztof Gardyna
Leszek Cichy
Liang Kun
Lu Zhonglin
Magdalena Kowalska
Marck Gunlogson
Mario Trimeri
Mark Sedon
Martin Adams
Martin Isak
Mayk Schega
Meagan McGrath
Michal Rafal Kowalski
Mikel Alvarez
Namit Rawat
Nikhu Ram Choudhary
Nikki Hoffman
Nikolaus Mangitsis
Olof Eric Sundstorm
Patricio Crausaz
Paul Fetjek
Paul Niels
Pedro Ruiz
Philippe Gatta
Phillip Pearson
Ramesh Chandra-Triphathi
Ramon Diz
Rauno Pukonen
Rick Keller
Rishi Sagar
Rob Hart
Robert Creswell
Robert Gutrhie
Robert Hart
Robert Huygh
Robert Scull
Rupert Heider
Samantha Larson
Sharon Crawford
Soeren Smidt
Takenori Yoshida
Timothy Bird
Toivo Sarmet
Troy Aupperle
Victor Saunders
Vlado Haluska
Wang Shi
Wim Smets
Wu Yu Lung
Yi Sung In
Young Mi Kim
Zed Al Refai

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